Executive Summary

SEC's newest filing.

BlackRockFund.Finance emerges as a crypto hedge fund, conceptualized through a tri-phased growth model and crafted to become the top Treasury-Backed Currency Protocol.

Long term vision: a decentralized hedge fund with initial bootstrap mechanics, swiftly transitioning to an emissionless state and becoming a full-fledged on-chain hedge fund.

New value drivers take over: the treasury is deployed to invest in early-stage projects, earn yield, farm airdrops, and more. Unlike $OHM, our dynamic strategies are programmed to generate diverse and outsized returns.

All profits are distributed back to $BTC holders, effectively letting the treasury work for holders while the supply remains deflationary due to debase.

Holders/Stakers can join a private research group where we focus on finding alpha to benefit all holders and grow the treasury, taking everyone to VALHALLA.

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