Details about how BlackrockFund implements security measures

1. A new investment multisig has been created

70-80% of liquid fund in the treasury will be transferred to the multisig

The rest will be kept in deployer wallet for buy backs, add liquidity and other actions that requires fast execution

Treasury’s portion of the tokenomics will be vested and sent here to stake Treasury will become the new owner of the $BTC token contract => prevent the deployer from having sole control.

2. A new marketing multisig has been created

Any tokens used for marketing will be sent here to stake and distribute. This ensures that transparency is there for usage of marketing budget.

3. Remove mint access from deployer + move token owner to multisig

We will revoke the mint privilege of the deployer wallet. This ensures that the deployer cannot mint tokens freely. This will also prevent a security breach should the deployer wallet is compromised. Revoke mint role tx:

Transfer ownership to multisig tx:

4. Contract audits:

Paladin: In Process



By conducting security measures, Blackrock wants to show that we are committed to growing the project long term and creating a more trusted profile to attract more big investors.

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