Contracts of BlackrockFund

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LP Staking contract:

BTC contract:

aBTC contract:

USDC Bond contract:

LP Bond contract:




Clarification on Paladin Audit Issues:

This is just a vague warning that your tokens might be rebased very quickly. We do not have a fixed debase rate so its hard to calculate the exact debase.

It all depends on how many new tokens are claimed/emitted. Therefore, we acknowledged that there is no concrete way to calculate debase rate, but the mechanism of how and when debase happens are clear in the docs.

We are currently using approve() for all the approve functions and not using permit() anywhere. Even so, BTC is only on 1 chain. For future deployment we will remove this function completely.

The team has commented on the resolution here. It is working as the logic intended too.

For future integrations, we will audit beforehand and fix all the issues before deployment. Blackrock team takes security seriously and we will show that through our future products.

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